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NW Books: Turning 9/11 on its head

New releases

“The Mirage” by Matt Ruff (Harper Perennial, $15.99). New in paperback: This thriller turns the tables on the 9/11 scenario — extremists from the U.S. are the attackers; Middle East Muslims are the victims. In a Seattle Times review, Tyrone Beason called it “one of the most daring 9/11-inspired novels to emerge after that horrific day more than a decade ago.” Ruff is from Seattle.

“The Indigo Spell” by Richelle Mead (Penguin Books, $18.99). Kirkland’s Richelle Mead releases the third novel in the Bloodlines Series, in which Sydney Sage, one in a group of magical humans who bridge the gap between humans and vampires, struggles with her loyalty to the Alchemists after learning the truth about the organization.

“The Wrap-up List” by Steven Arntson (Houghton Mifflin, $15.99). For ages 12 and up: When 16-year-old Gabriela receives a notice she has one week to live, she must submit her wrap-up list of things to do before she “departs” — a list that includes first kisses for her and her best friends. Her only hope for a pardon is figuring out the secret weakness of an eight-foot-tall creature named Hercule, who will escort her to the afterlife. Arntson lives in Seattle.

“Return to Me” by Justina Chen (Little, Brown, $17.99). For ages 13 and up: The Seattle-area author’s third young-adult novel follows Rebecca, a psychic teenager whose life is in turmoil after her family’s move to the East Coast. Her father reveals an affair and leaves her mother, making Rebecca wonder how she can trust her own boyfriend back in Seattle.


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