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Where in the world? A geography quiz for travelers

By Kristin Jackson and Brian J. Cantwell
Seattle Times Travel staff

It’s that time of year again when we roll out NWTraveler’s annual geography quiz. So sharpen your pencil, and your mind, and test your knowledge of places near and far.


1. What two major rivers flow by Portland?

2. What town is at the southwest tip of Washington?

3. Name at least four Western Washington rivers ending in “mish.”

4. Americans sometimes call them “the Canadian San Juans.” What’s the real name of the islands?

5. Which is farther north, Bellingham, Wash., or Victoria, B.C.?

6. What is the highest mountain in Olympic National Park?

7. The Washington town of Metaline Falls is on which river?

8. Which state has a bigger population, Washington or Oregon?

9. What is the overall name for the inland marine waters of southwest British Columbia and northwest Washington?

10. What national forest covers much of the northwest Cascades in Washington?


1. Which country is larger in area, the United States or Brazil?

2. What island nation sits off southern India?

3. Name at least three countries that border Kenya.

4. What body of water divides Alaska and Russia?

5. Name two landlocked South American countries.


1. The capital of Idaho has a name derived from French. What is it?

2. Name the four U.S. state capitals whose names include the word “City.”

3. What four state capitals were named for U.S. presidents?

4. What state capital has the largest population within its city limits?

5. Name at least five state capitals situated on saltwater.


1.What is the capital of Malaysia?

2. Name the capital of Brazil.

3. What is the capital of Bhutan?

4. What is Australia’s capital?

5. Name the capital of Costa Rica.


Each Sunday in NWTraveler we publish a geography-quiz question. Here are some that have run in the last several months.

1. Name at least three of the five national parks in Utah.

2. How many states are there in Mexico?

3. What is the second biggest Italian island?

4. Where will the 2014 Winter Olympics be held?

5. What is the second biggest Hawaiian island after the Big Island?

Getty Images
PHOTO QUESTION 1: The northern lights glow on this island — considered the world’s largest — that is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. What island is it?

The Associated Press
PHOTO QUESTION 2: This South American city famous for its beaches will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. What city is it?

AFP/Getty Images
PHOTO QUESTION 3: Penguins, rehabilitated after an oil spill, are released back into their native habitat on the edge of this African city with an iconic mountain (in background). What city is it?

Getty Images
PHOTO QUESTION 4: A volunteer lights candles in the shape of the world to mark Earth Hour in this German city, in front of its historic gate that once bore testimony to a divided city. What’s the city and the gate?

The Seattle Times
PHOTO QUESTION 5: This tram gives riders a view of a Northwest city and mountains. Where is it?

AFP/Getty Images
PHOTO QUESTION 6: Japan's highest mountain is seen at the end of this Tokyo street. What mountain is it?


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