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Danny O'Neil's NFL power rankings

Danny O'Neil's NFL power rankings
Team (last week) Comment
1. San Francisco (2) Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll face off to decide who wears the khakis in this rivalry.
2. Denver (1) Broncos have not allowed a rushing touchdown in their past six games.
3. Atlanta (4) The Falcons may have won 13 games this season, but none of those have been in the playoffs.
4. Houston (5) Texans played like they're possessed. They've held the ball longer than any team this season.
5. New England (3) Pats allowed San Francisco 49ers to finish only eight points shy of their nickname.
6. Green Bay (6) Packers had four victories by 20 or more points last season. They have none this year.
7. Seattle (8) Fifty Cent is a rapper. Seattle's 50 sent a message to the rest of the NFL.
8. Baltimore (7) That beep, beep, beeping you heard last week? Ravens backing into the playoffs.
9. Indianapolis (9) Dear Peyton: As Luck would have it, we're still not kicking ourselves for letting you go.
10. Washington (10) ESPN suspended Rob Parker for talking about brothers while Washington won with Cousins.
11. Dallas (12) Jason Garrett's life in't hanging in the balance against the Saints on Sunday, but his job is.
12. Cincinnati (13) Bengals haven't allowed more than 20 points in any of their past six games.
13. N.Y. Giants (11) Last week's 34-0 loss to Atlanta largest shutout defeat ever for defending Super Bowl champ.
14. New Orleans (17) Saints are going nuts over donut: They just pitched their first shutout in 17 years.
15. Pittsburgh (15) Beware of falling objects: Steelers have lost four of their past five games.
16. Minnesota (21) Instead of pondering a question, the Vikings should be questioning their Ponder.
17. Chicago (14) Bear necessities for the postseason: Two straight wins and some help.
18. Miami (19) Dolphins offense depends on reading their Hartline. He's the team's top receiver.
19. Cleveland (18) Depressing thought: The 5-9 Browns are a win away from best season since 2007.
20. Carolina (25) Panthers have outscored their opponents in every quarter but the fourth this season.
21. Tampa Bay (16) The Bucs stop here, apparently: They've lost four in a row.
22. St. Louis (20) Steven Jackson 91 yards away from his eighth straight 1,000-yard season.
23. Buffalo (22) After Seattle's fake punt, Bills say they would rather be kicked when they're down.
24. Tennessee (27) What do you call a locker-room argument with this team? Clash of the Titans, of course.
25. San Diego (24) Norv Turner is not literally resigned to his fate; he hasn't quit just yet.
26. Detroit (26) Lions lost by 28 points? To Arizona? Criminy. You have to work hard to do that.
27. N.Y. Jets (23) Gangrene occurs after a considerable mass of body tissue dies. Gang Green: Same thing.
28. Philadelphia (28) Eagles have lost 21 fumbles this season, but turnover will be even greater this offseason.
29. Arizona (32) Larry Fitzgerald being wasted on the Cardinals isn't unlike Felix Hernandez and the M's.
30. Oakland (31) Two of Raiders' four victories have come against the Division I-AA Kansas City Chiefs.
31. Jacksonville (30) JAX is not nimble, JAX may have quit, and the way JAX lost last week made its fans sick.
32. Kansas City (29) Chiefs' game last week was literally pointless for them, getting shut out 15-0 by the Raiders.


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