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Updated Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 07:31 AM

Rant & Raves from animal-clinic volunteer, concerned driver, thankful customer

Rave To KING TV Evening Magazine for their story on the Doney Animal Clinic's ( care and food for pets of homeless and low-income people. The next day we got new clients, volunteers, a new veterinarian and many generous donations. As a volunteer, thank you Seattle, for caring so much about the animals of our less-fortunate neighbors.

Rant To the clueless drivers who don't turn on their headlights in the rain, fog, dusk and mornings. And ask someone to check your brake lights — so many are driving with only one brake light. Safety first!

Rave To the waitress who not only kept my phone safe after I left it in the restaurant but charged it for me because she noticed the battery was low!

Rant To whoever fired a rifle, sending a bullet that penetrated my exterior wall, went through my living room and another wall, and could have severely injured or killed me or my partner: learn to handle firearms safely or never fire one again.

Rave To the University of Washington Police Department, whose tenacity reunited me with my bicycle that was stolen on campus 14 months ago. I had given up hope, but the UW Police didn't!

Rant To the in-line skater in the middle of a major street. We had to swerve into an oncoming lane to miss him and he gave us the one-finger salute as he passed.

Rave To the kind lady who gave me a hug and comforting words while I was in tears at a coffee shop. I was having an exceptionally hard morning and this random act of kindness gave me great comfort.

Rant To rush-hour drivers who proceed through green lights even when there's no room for them on the other side and block the intersection for cross-traffic drivers when it's their turn to go.

Rave To the young man at the post office who was so concerned about his mail-in ballot getting to his home state on time that he paid $20 for express mail! It's great to see such a commitment to civic responsibility.

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