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Updated Friday, May 25, 2012 at 12:46 PM

Vote: The big event this summer | Jon Talton

Jon Talton

Summertime and the livin' is easy, unless you're looking at the economy. With Memorial Day being the symbolic start of summer, I'll be writing a preview of the issues we may face in this Sunday's Seattle Times. But if you haven't already cut the cord to the Internet for the weekend, I'm interested in what you think. Vote in the poll. If I left something out, please write about it in the comments section of this blog. Have a great weekend!

Read on for the best links of the week and the haiku...

This Week's Links:

  • The insane idea hidden in the debate over Obama's spending || Next New Deal

  • For voters, it's the job-growth trend that counts || NYT/Economix

  • What the Fed fears || The Economist

  • America: Slouching toward Third World status || Project Syndicate

  • Fixing the U.S. patent system || Conversable Economist

  • Jamie Dimon and the legitimacy of the Federal Reserve System || Baseline Scenario

  • The 'Goodfellas' principles at work in the boardroom || NY Times

  • GDP gap if the 'fiscal cliff' is allowed to occur || EconoSpeak

  • Why private-equity firms like Bain really are the worst of capitalism || Rolling Stone

  • An American growth strategy || Clyde Prestowitz/Foreign Policy

    Today's Econ Haiku:

    The weather changes
    Will the sun shine bright enough
    To show Facebook fraud?


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