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Mon, Oct 20, 2014




NEW - 04:04 PM

Editorial: FCC right to scrutinize exorbitant prison phone fees

Half a million jobs are coming to Washington, are we ready for them?

Dave Chappelle’s status as racial commentator-in-chief reflects loss of faith in leaders and institutions

NEW - 04:01 PM

Guest: Seattle Prop 1B’s design get city’s youngest citizens off to best start

NEW - 04:03 PM

Ross Douthat / Syndicated columnist | The Ebola Scare

Editorial: The Times recommends in King County judge races: Janet Garrow, Ketu Shah, Phillip Tavel

Guest: Pull back the online veil of child sexual exploitation on

E.J. Dionne / Syndicated columnist | The blue-collar imperative

Editorial: Ban lead in ammunition to protect those who frequent gun ranges, and their families

Guest: For elite college admission, become an athlete

Paul Krugman / Syndicated columnist | What do markets really need?

| The case for low ideals

Trudy Rubin / Syndicated columnist | President Obama needs to heed Leon Panetta’s message

Do you trust your government on Ebola?

Editorial: Starting with Beacon Hill, school officials must stop cheating before it spreads

King County, Washington state must remain at forefront of fight against sex trafficking and

Guest: How to understand options for senior care

Ann McFeatters / Syndicated columnist | Truth-o-meter gets real workout from midterm political ads

Editorial: ‘Buyer Beware’ program a much-needed step toward protecting sex-trade victims

Round up: Washington daily newspaper editorial boards so far all reject Initiative 1351, the 'class-size reduction' initiative


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