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Fri, Dec 19, 2014




Editorial: The must-do list for Superintendent Larry Nyland

Guest: We’re failing teenagers when it comes to sexual health

Editorial: Legislature should give school districts back control of federal funds

Thanks for the sales tax deduction, but what about fixing the tax code?

Guest: In a dangerous situation, the police and I made a critical decision to save a life

A glimpse inside Washington's gun culture after Initiative 594

| As relationships move online, a dark vision of ‘Pottersville’ becomes real

Editorial: Fix the hidden costs behind prison labor

Infection from fetus death killed orca off Vancouver Island

Inslee promises $2.3B more for schools, but does he go far enough?

Guest: How you can find the best quality health care — for free

David Brooks / Syndicated columnist | Why Elizabeth Warren can win the presidential nomination

Editorial: How the NFL can take meaningful action on domestic violence

As Gov. Inslee asks for $1 billion more, where are the promised efficiencies?

Are Washington state lawmakers riding the free-meal gravy train?

Ross Douthat / Syndicated columnist | The imitation of marriage

Guest: Superintendent Larry Nyland should allow Garfield High School to keep its teacher

Editorial: Do you know who’s wining and dining your lawmaker?

Guest: WSDOT explains the settling, liability and safety of the Highway 99 tunnel project

E.J. Dionne / Syndicated columnist | Obama keeps bailing Boehner out


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