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Tue, Sep 30, 2014




Editorial: The Times recommends Ross Hunter, Joan McBride and Cyrus Habib in the 48th District

'Last Days In Vietnam' film premieres in Seattle on Friday, reopens old wounds

Guest: Seattle Housing Authority rent proposal would hurt working poor

Editorial: Public officials give up some privacy on personal cellphones

Another delay for the Burke-Gilman's 'missing link,' and an alternative

Froma Harrop / Syndicated columnist | Democrats should be nicer to the South

Editorial: The Times recommends Judy Clibborn and Tana Senn in the 41st District

Seattle, the affordable city

Guest: The return on investment for hiring people with disabilities

Nicholas D. Kristof | Stranger danger and guns

Editorial: How to keep housing affordable — build more

Leonard Pitts Jr. / Syndicated columnist | ‘A tale of two countries’ — Jefferson County’s assault on U.S. history

Guest: Why women stay in abusive relationships

E.J. Dionne / Syndicated columnist | Attorney General Eric Holder and RFK’s legacy

Editorial: For Supreme Court, incumbents get The Times’ recommendation — Mary Yu, Mary Fairhurst, Charles Johnson and Debra Stephens

Froma Harrop / Syndicated columnist | Kids who don’t go to college also matter

David Brooks / Syndicated columnist | How to create order like creative people

Ann McFeatters / Syndicated columnist | Growing global ‘religious’ frenzy, and Americans’ search for yesteryear

Editorial: Commercial photography rule makes the Forest Service look bad

Do city growth strategies subtly discourage car ownership?


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