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Tue, Apr 15, 2014




Editorial: Rodney Tom leaves legacy of bipartisanship in Olympia

Guest: When you’re a white American married to a minority Muslim

| The oldest hatred, forever young

Interactive: Where do your federal taxes go?

Editorial: Benjamin Nuñez-Marquez’ deportation highlights need for immigration reform

Forum: The gender pay gap is real. Have you been affected?

Editorial: Scrub state PCs of data before selling

Guest: Map the runout risk for landslides like Oso

| What we’ve missed from the Boston bombing

Editorial: King County needs to provide new numbers for Metro bus-service cuts

Editorial: Make Seattle police discipline procedures timely, public

Guest: A $15 minimum wage would not address the skills gap

Leonard Pitts Jr. / Syndicated columnist | CNN: The Overkill News Network

E.J. Dionne / Syndicated columnist | A program conservatives should love

Editorial: Initiative 1351 aims to corner Legislature on K-12

Mariners, Seahawks, Canucks: Seattle Times readers sound off

Guest: The failure of the EPA to protect the public from pollution

| Why Afghan elections matter

Nicholas D. Kristof | Where the GOP gets it right

David Brooks / Syndicated columnist | ‘Flash Boys’ and the moral power of curiosity


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